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5 Things You Need To Know Before Buying An eBike

What’s cheaper than an electric car and easier to charge Electric bikes of course!

The latest electric or pedal-assist bikes are a practical solution for commuting into work, taking the kids to school, or doing the local grocery shop.


Service and Maintenance Guide

What kind of service and maintenance is required for an electric bike?

Just like a regular bicycle, your e-bike is going to need routine maintenance, some you can
do yourself (DIY) and some that should be completed by an e-bike dealer or good bike shop.

We have put this handy E-book together to keep your electric bike (e-bike) running like a dream!

The Running Costs of Owning an Electric Bike

Got lots of questions about the actual costs of owning an electric bike?

Trying to work out what kind of e-bike would suit your needs? Want to compare the cost of having a car to an e-bike? Look no further!

Download our FREE E-book on The Running Costs of an Electric Bike!!