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Mid Drive E-Bike Systems

Mid Drive E-Bike Systems are smooth, powerful, responsive and are considered to the most desirable power system for electric bikes due to their incredible efficiency, power, innovate design and balance. In addition, the placement of the motor in the middle also allows for simpler servicing making things like changing tyres so much easier. At present there are three leading brands that we believe are the best available mid drive systems in Australia, Bosch’s Performance & Active Live systems, Impulse 2.0 & Shimano STEPS.

Bosch Active Line

With the Bosch Active Line, Bosch provides a versatile, custom-made product for modern eBikers. It enables cyclists to travel longer distance and have more mobility in everyday life with a tailwind on demand.

Bosch Performance Line

The Performance Line truly lives up to its name. It is designed for sportive, powerful cycling both when accelerating in hilly terrain and when cycling in lowland country. 

Shimano Steps System

The launch of SHIMANO STEPS brings a new level of integrated design, seamless operation and effortless performance to e-bikes. 

Impulse 2.0 System

The second generation of the Impulse electric bike system brings greater power, improved components, Shift Assist, a multifunction display and larger capacity batteries across the range.

Brose 2.0

Despite its small physical size the German made BROSE 2.0 produces a market leading 90 newton meters of torque. It does this quietly, reliably and without fuss. Remarkable.

Bosch Performance CX

The Performance CX 

The latest edition to the performance line, with its 75Nm of torque giving Bosch their most powerful motor to date.  Discover the ultimate uphill flow and set ever higher goals for yourself on the way to the summit.

Impulse Evo RS System

Impulse Evo RS, where Innovation meets integration: this perfect symbiosis of an Impulse Evo drive system and chassis is the result of a holistic approach to development and coordination combined with the use of innovative production technologies.

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