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Commuter & City Bikes

Looking for the Best Way to Commute Every Day?

Electric bikes are the perfect commuting solution to get you to and from work every day. Commuter bikes with electric motors are both economical and eco-friendly, getting you wherever you need to go without adding to your ecological footprint or making you wait in traffic jams. Choosing an e-bike as your commuting transport not only benefits the environment, but it also benefits your own health by getting you out into the fresh air. The settings for the electric motor are adjustable, so you can choose to either go hard or just cruise, depending on your energy levels. 

What is the Best Bike for Commuting?

Electric Bike Centre has a wide range of electric bikes, so it’s important to find out which one is the best commuter bike for your needs. If you need to save storage space or intend on taking your bike on public transport, the electric folding bike would be ideal for you.

Our commuting bikes are packed with great features for urban travelling, all built into a sleek European design. These include a lightweight frame, puncture resistant tyres and powerful, discreet electronics powered by Shimano, Bosch and Impulse.

If you know your budget and the specific purpose for your new electric bike, it will be easy to find the perfect one among our extensive range.

Choose from one of our Commuter Electric Bikes

The best way to find the best bike for commuting is to come in and browse our collection. Electric Bike Centre has the largest electric bike showroom in Australia, equipped with a beautiful lakeside test track where you can try out our quality commuter bikes yourself.

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