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Merida E-Bikes

In September 1972, Ike Tseng (1932–2012) a brilliant engineer and visionary founded MERIDA. While visiting the USA, Ike had seen a sign in a bike shop stating that due to unacceptable quality the shop refused to repair any Taiwanese bikes. In defiance he set out to realise his dream of high quality bikes Made in Taiwan and formed the MERIDA Industry Company Ltd. The MERIDA name has three syllables Me-Ri-Da and is usually translated as the company’s intention to manufacture only beautiful, high quality bikes that enable anybody to reach their destination as pleasantly as possible. MERIDA created a world-leading bike factory but Ike still wasn’t satisfied, so in 1988 he took another huge step and launched the MERIDA brand. Today MERIDA still keeps Ike’s  vision alive, manufacturing every kind of bike including an awesome choice of e-bikes.

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